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                            Mission Statement

The mission of Alo Kenpo Karate Association (AK-KA) is to make a positive difference in the lives of our students primarily through onesí mental, spiritual and physical development. To discipline the mind and body through dedication to studying the ART and by providing instruction and support to live the Bushido Way.


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DoJo Creed
1. To devote ourselves     toward the development     of one another, Mentally,     Physically and Spiritually.
2. To only use this Art a last     resort after all else fails.
3. To always be respectful     toward all others in and     out of the Dojo.
4. To always be honest and     true to yourself and to one     another.
5. To know your art forward     and backwards, inside     and out A-Z, Z-A.
6. To always control your     emotions and actions.
7. To discipline our minds     and bodies so that we set     goals and accomplish     them.
8. To always respect those     in authority and     demonstrate this respect     at all times.
9. Never say I can't; say I     will TRY!
10.Always give 100% of     yourself when training and     the art will always be     there when you need it.


President, AK-KA and Chief Instructor

 Shihan Julie Alo-Cromwell

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